What is a Simple Cremation?


Also known as a Direct Cremation, Simple Cremations are growing in popularity, but what exactly do they involve? We’ll explain what you can expect from a Simple Cremation at Poppy’s.

Why do people choose Simple Cremations?

People choose Simple Cremations for an enormous variety of different reasons. Some friends and families have a private event planned for later and want the cremation to be separate from the memorial. In other cases, people may just want space to grieve and prefer not to hold a ceremony at all.

Simple cremations are a cost-effective option, although this is often not why they’re chosen. It’s quite common for the person who has died to have requested a simple funeral, and this is a way of honouring that wish. Ultimately, Simple Cremations are about choosing an option that feels right to you, and the reasons for that will always be unique.

What can I expect from a Simple Cremation?

A Simple Cremation doesn’t have a ceremony attached but involves the same thoughtful care from our team. They take place at Lambeth Crematorium, early in the morning, on a date which we will choose and share with you. The price of a Simple Cremation includes everything you need, including a simple coffin and hearse, doctors’ and cremation fees.

Although there isn’t a ceremony, you’re absolutely welcome to come to the crematorium and be there with us on the day. Before the cremation, you can also spend time with the person who has died at our beautiful Friends and Family room, which you can visit as often as you like.

What actually happens on the day?

At Poppy’s, we take the same mindful approach to Simple Cremation that we do with every funeral. On the morning of the cremation, we’ll bring the person in their coffin from the mortuary in one of our vehicles.

Two members of our team will then bring the coffin into the crematorium chapel and gently place it on catafalque — a raised wooden platform to support the coffin. Finally, we’ll wait for the curtains to close around the catafalque, so the moment is acknowledged with care and respect.

Can I personalise a Simple Cremation?

There are lots of different ways to make a Simple Cremation feel more personal if this is something you’d like to do. You could decorate the coffin, bring flowers from your garden, or include other personal touches like shawls and letters.

While our Simple Cremation comes with a fixed fee, we will always be flexible if you’d like to add different options. As with every funeral, we’ll be guided by your choices and always clearly explain how they might affect the cost. You can choose a different coffin, organise bouquets, or find other ways to help make the Simple Cremation feel meaningful to you.

We’re always happy to talk more about Simple Cremations or answer any other questions, so please do get in touch. You can also find more information on our website.

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