Each funeral,
like each person,
is unique

One of the best ways to get a feel for what choices might be right for you is to see how other people have navigated their decisions.

Here are a few stories from some of the brilliant, courageous families we have supported, reflecting on the funeral they arranged and what felt right for them.

Douglas wanted a no fuss, simple funeral. Barbara on the other hand wanted something different.

Rebecca was a beautiful sister, friend and daughter, so much loved by everyone. She was so warm and deft with people, and once you met her you never forgot her.

Jill went to the theatre and ballet whenever she could and was obsessed with an eclectic array of sporting events.

Sue and Peter didn’t want men in black suits with solemn faces, that was just not their style.

Steve had a fitting final ride in a motorbike hearse, adorned with beautiful wildflowers.

Richard's family and friends decorated his bamboo coffin and the service reflected his Jewish and Buddhist beliefs.