“We chose a horse and carriage."

"My dad, Eamon was a keen footballer, skilled carpenter and, above all, a real family man. He would go out of his way to help anyone. He was loved by so many people.

"Dad had told us that he wanted a traditional horse and carriage for his funeral because he came from a Traveller family. The horses were so beautiful — shiny jet black, and the carriage was filled with floral tributes.

"The horse and carriage came right into the close where he had lived, so that friends and neighbours could pay their respects.

"In our family, we are very traditional and we like to bring our loved ones home before the funeral, but Covid-19 stopped that. Poppy’s was the only place that I felt comfortable leaving my dad, because they were such warm and welcoming people."

Amy, Eamon's daughter

Eamon's choices

  • A modern cremation with a 30 minute service.
  • Family and friends followed behind on foot from the gate to the chapel.
  • An elm veneer coffin with gold-coloured handles.
  • Amy's parish priest led the service.
  • Eamon was dressed in his favourite jeans, trainers and jumper.
  • Poppy's staff wore traditional morning suits.
  • Eamon’s ashes were delivered as soon as possible after the service as this was important to Amy’s mum.
Options & Prices
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