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If you choose full, flexible support from Poppy's to plan a funeral, and set a funeral date with us, the first thing we do is arrange a time to meet with you. But what happens at those meetings, why are they important and what can you expect from us?

There’s lots to plan for a funeral — even if you are keeping it simple. At Poppy’s, we don’t have set packages to sell. Instead, we give you the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you.

But we know it can feel overwhelming, so we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

1. Preparation is key

We send through a few forms to you to look at before the meeting, and encourage you to start thinking about what you want the funeral to be like. Some people have very clear ideas, others are not so sure. Either way is okay. There’s no rush to make most decisions.

2. We take the pain out of the paperwork

It’s never anyone’s favourite job, but paperwork has to be done. The forms are usually pretty straightforward, but we’re happy to explain any of the stranger or more confusing questions. It might seem daunting at first, but all the paperwork is familiar to us, so we can guide you through.

3. It’s okay to be emotional (or not)

Grief affects all of us in different ways. Something we talk about in the meeting might unexpectedly bring back a memory or touch a chord. If you need to take a break or simply take your time, that’s no problem. We always have a box of tissues to hand.

Clients often comment that we speak clearly and compassionately, but not in hushed tones or using a special sympathetic voice. We can be ourselves, and so can you. There can even be laughter as we make plans with you to remember your person.

4. It’s your meeting, your way

We can meet face-to-face at Poppy’s Tooting or Poppy's Sheen, in your home, online or on the phone. We can meet with just one person or with several friends or family members. You set the pace for the meeting, and it will usually last about an hour. We’ll follow up afterwards with any actions and send you the details by email.

We used to call these meetings ‘family meetings’ but, as it’s not always family members who plan the funeral, we now call them ‘client meetings’ to include everyone.

5. Nothing will be overlooked

We make sure to cover everything and be clear about deadlines and costs. This includes whether you would like to visit your person, how you would like them dressed and what you would like to happen to their current possessions.

We also talk through what you would like in terms of the coffin, vehicles, flowers, bearers, celebrant, the ceremony itself and — if this is a cremation — any plans for the ashes and urn.

6. Don’t hold back

If you have an unusual idea, or worry that what you want to do might not be possible, please don’t be afraid to share it with us. We will make no assumptions and pass no judgement. In fact, we love the opportunity to be creative and to search out the perfect thing for you.

If you’re still not sure — remember that in the past year, we’ve transported people to their funerals by bike or bus, sourced an urn shaped like a Viking long ship and magicked up a hearse drawn by unicorns. You can check us out on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for more inspiration.

Find out more about what happens at a home collection or when you visit someone in Poppy’s mortuary.

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