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Poppy's Sheen shopfront from Upper Richmond Road West

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We have opened a new branch of Poppy’s at 202 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, SW14 8AN, in south-west London.

We’d love to take you behind the scenes and let you know what you will find at Poppy’s first high street branch.

Why has Poppy’s opened a branch in Sheen?

We are opening a branch in Sheen to enable more people to access our outstanding care for the living and the dead. We’re proud of our fresh approach to funerals, which puts your needs and wants at the centre of everything we do.

We have chosen Sheen because it sits in the heart of a series of vibrant and close-knit neighbourhoods. It’s also close to our beautiful on-site mortuary at Poppy’s Tooting.

Can I just pop in to Poppy’s Sheen or do I need to book an appointment?

We’d love to meet you. Please feel free to drop in for a chat with one of our friendly team — whether you need our help immediately, want to learn more about Poppy’s or are thinking ahead about your funeral wishes.

At Poppy’s Sheen, there will be a comfortable and confidential space where you can discuss any questions with one of our team.

If you prefer you can book an appointment by phone or email, or chat to us over the phone on 020 3879 9111 if that’s easier for you.

Our opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and you are welcome to drop in whenever we’re open. However, we’ll be listening to what works for you, with Saturday or evening opening a possibility in future.

What’s your vision for Poppy’s Sheen? What does it look and feel like?

High street funeral directors don’t always look especially welcoming. By contrast, we hope that Poppy’s Sheen will be a place that looks attractive from the outside and where you feel at ease from the moment you come in.

It feels more like a living room, than an office or a shop. With large windows, soft colours, good coffee and friendly faces.

We know that organising a funeral can be difficult and confusing, especially if you are tired, grieving or stressed, so we wanted to create a place that feels comfortable and welcoming.

What services will Poppy’s be offering in Sheen?

Our primary role is to arrange the funeral that you want and need.

Just as we do currently from Tooting, our team in Sheen will be there for you every step of the way, starting from the first time you speak to us. We’ll listen to what you need, guide all the funeral arrangements and make sure everything goes smoothly on the day.

However, Poppy’s Sheen on Upper Richmond Road West will also host events to engage and support the local community in thinking about death, dying and funeral choices.

These events could be drop-ins, panel events, death cafes, training sessions, or family-friendly events. Follow @poppysfunerals on social media for our latest events programme.

At Poppy’s Sheen we are also offering a new service — a free 45-minute no-obligation ‘funeral wishes consultation’ with our expert team.

This is an opportunity to plan ahead and a safe space to discuss your questions or future wishes for a funeral. Find out more or simply email natalie@poppysfunerals.co.uk to book.

Poppy’s HQ is based in Lambeth Cemetery in Tooting. What are the advantages to having a high street presence as well?

We love our home in Lambeth Cemetery – it’s green, peaceful, and right next to our beautiful, light-filled onsite mortuary.

However, having an additional high street presence will make it easier for more people to find us, and allow us to get to know our local community better and discover how we can help you.

The same team and the same systems will be working across both sites, so whichever you visit, you will receive the same continuous quality of care.

At Poppy’s, we believe that death is a natural part of life. Gentle, honest conversations about death, dying and funerals should be part of our everyday life — in our homes, workplaces, schools and on our high streets.

With a high street presence, we can invite more people in to take part in the conversation, dispel myths and fears, listen to your insights, and enable you to access the information you need to make the funeral choices that are right for you.

I don’t live in Sheen. Is Poppy’s still able to help me organise a funeral?

Absolutely. We already organise funerals for people right across London, and further afield.

Whether you live in Sheen, Barnes, Mortlake, Richmond, or miles away, we’re happy you to help in person, or the phone or by email. Just get in touch.

Will I be able to visit my relative or friend at Poppy’s Sheen?

We will always support you if you want to visit a relative or friend in our care. Visits can be healing, emotional and significant experiences.

Everyone we care for is looked after at our mortuary in Lambeth Cemetery in Tooting, just a short journey from Poppy’s Sheen. You are very welcome to visit them there.

Our mortuary in Tooting is a converted chapel which is light, spacious and welcoming. It is a unique space that allows us to offer an unrivalled quality of care. We don't have the space to replicate that at the back of a high street shop and we won't compromise on the quality of care we offer.

If you arrange a funeral with Poppy’s, our team will offer you the opportunity to visit, explain everything you need to know in advance, answer any questions you have and be there to welcome you on the day.

Our new video shows what it looks like inside our mortuary.

What type of funerals does Poppy’s Sheen help to arrange?

Poppy’s doesn’t sell off-the-shelf funeral packages. We listen and give advice, information and guidance based on our experience, but everything about a Poppy’s funeral is personal to you.

In terms of style, we can arrange very traditional funerals, something more alternative or anything in between! It’s your choice.

We believe we provide an alternative to the norm by giving you freedom to choose what’s right for you, rather than promoting a set idea, often barely changed since Victorian times, of what a funeral ‘ought to be’.

How accessible is Poppy’s Sheen?

We hope that Poppy’s Sheen will be a welcoming and accessible place for everyone.

Access to the shop is step free, with one step to access the toilet.

Upper Richmond Road West is well served by local buses, including the 170 and 670.

Mortlake station is less than ten minutes-walk away (0.3 miles) and has regular services to Waterloo every 30 minutes.

View a map here.

How can I find out more about Poppy’s Sheen?

You are welcome to drop in, ask questions and meet the Poppy’s team.

We also post regular updates on social media via our usual @poppysfunerals accounts, or sign up here for the latest news, events, jobs and information from Poppy’s by email.

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