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Jo Juber, Poppy’s Head of Marketing, introduces our new video, which opens up the way we work to a wider audience.

Bringing Poppy’s to everyone

At Poppy’s, being open is fundamental to who we are. From our regular community open days, to our hands-on training visits for professionals, to the welcome we offer every day to family and friends who come to wash, dress, or visit their people in our care.

Often, when people visit us, they come away surprised. We are not what they expect a funeral director to be like.

The images in the public eye of funeral directors — sombre, black-hatted Victorian throwbacks or large-scale, anonymous, online providers — don’t reflect the reality of Poppy’s.

But not everyone is able to visit Poppy’s. So, how can we bring Poppy’s to everyone?

We talk about having a fresh approach to funerals — but what does that look, sound, and feel like? We are excited to launch our new introductory video this week, which we hope helps answer that question.

However, filming a video about funeral care is not easy.

How we filmed the Poppy’s video

First, we needed to find a director who really ‘got’ Poppy’s — someone who could bring what we do to life without it feeling corporate, confusing, or dull.

Fortunately, the brilliant Jas Pitt got on board. She’s a director and documentary maker with lots of experience exploring complex and sensitive matter, simply and elegantly.

We knew we wanted to show the Poppy’s experience from beginning to end, including how we care for someone and get them ready for their funeral.

We wanted not only to show how we work at Poppy’s, but also inform and reassure people about the process, especially if they have never organised a funeral before.

However, in truth, this was a big ask to make of grieving families.

Instead, we’re grateful that two of our former clients Gilly Best and Kish Modasia stepped forward to take part. They were both comfortable to talk openly and beautifully about their experiences with Poppy’s and the details that mattered most to them.

"Speaking to anyone at Poppy’s you get a real sense of warm, caring and empathy."

Finally, there was one very practical challenge to address — we had to work around a busy funeral schedule to ensure that filming didn’t get in the way of any collections, family visits or funerals! To say it was a bit like diary Tetris is putting it mildly.

Hats off to Edel our Operations Lead and Neil and Aaron from our mortuary team for their skill in navigating this, making sure that the same high-quality care for our clients continued, as the filming went ahead.

Jas Pitt filming Poppy's team in mortuary at Lambeth cemetery

What the video shows

It was a deliberate choice to film within and around our light-filled, on-site mortuary. We are proud to use our most beautiful space for our mortuary, as we believe that excellent care for all our clients, starts with the respect and care we show for those who have died.

If we are looking after your person at Poppy’s, this is where they will be cared for. So, even if you aren’t able to visit in person, we hope that this film can give a sense of what this space looks and feels like.

Even more important than the building, Poppy’s is all about the people and the care they offer. At the heart of this video are members of our team, both preparing for funerals and talking about the way that they work.

"It’s really important that everyone who comes to Poppy’s feel taken care of."

We’d love to hear from you

We know a film is no substitute for meeting us in person, but we hope this is one way that we can reach more people, especially those who haven’t yet come across Poppy’s.

We believe it can help us to share our approach more widely, to demystify some of the process of organising a funeral and to dispel some of the fears around caring for the dead.

So have a watch, share it with those who might find it helpful and — if it raises questions for you — do get in touch, give us a call or even drop in. We’re here to help.

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(Thank you to The Ostler for the horses and carriage used in the video).

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