Why I took out a funeral plan with Poppy's

Pat O'Shea took out a funeral plan with Poppy's

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At Poppy’s, we’ve recently launched our new pre-paid funeral plan. Retired builder and carpenter, Pat O'Shea, was one of the first people to take out a plan with us. Here he explains why he feels it was the right decision for him.

I’m 83, and in my life, I’ve buried my mother and my wife. They both died of cancer. They were expensive things, the funerals. Looking back, we should have had a funeral plan.

I don’t want to leave a bill for my grandchildren when I go. I have a bit of money put away, so I went online to look for a quote, just looking. As a result of that, I got seven or eight phone calls and emails, from all over the country.

One man called me on the phone and said that he could do £500 less than whatever price I’d been quoted. I I thought, I don’t even know who you are, how can you guarantee that? That rang alarm bells for me.

I talked to my grand-daughter and she had another idea. She has a friend who works at Poppy’s, so she said, 'let’s try Poppy’s'. My grand-daughter is second to none, she’s very caring and loving and really looks after me.

We went into Poppy’s together and met Victoria and Sarah. The first thing they said was, ‘do you want a cup of coffee?’ It was so nice just to sit in a room and meet face to face, to see what their place was like. I live in Battersea and it’s a comfort to know Poppy’s is nearby. If there’s any problems, me or one of the family, we can just walk in and ask questions.

They said there was no rush, and we could keep talking for as long as we needed. The whole thing took about an hour and a half. I came out very satisfied.

They asked me, ‘what do you want for your funeral?’ I thought, it’s not a day for me, it’s a day for the people left behind. We put together the plan for the funeral, and for the wake. We’ve done our part and now Poppy’s do theirs. It’s wonderful that now it’s done and that’s it!

Funerals are sad because they are an ending, the finishing up of a life. It’s the end for you and the beginning of a sad period for everyone else, but you should still be able to have a bit of fun, a bit of a celebration if you can.

You never know when you are going to go. You’re dying from the day you’re born. Recently I visited the cardiologist, after making an appointment myself. He said he hadn’t called me in for a visit because it said in his files that I was deceased. He showed me the letter that said so. That made me laugh — I’m no ghost, I’m still very much alive!

I die when I die and that’s it. I couldn’t care less, now I’ve got the funeral plan.

Find out more about why we launched a funeral plan and contact us with any questions and to have a chat about what’s right for you.

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