What if I don't want a black hearse?

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While black hearses are traditionally associated with funerals, they will not be to everyone’s taste.

Here are six creative alternatives to traditional black hearses — from camper-vans to your very own car — which could better reflect the personality or interests of the person who has died.

1. Vintage vehicles

Vintage vehicles are a smart and elegant presence at a funeral and there’s a huge selection available — from Morris Minors to Rolls Royces to this silver Daimler.

Vintage Silver Daimler hearse
Vintage Silver Daimler hearse - From £450

2. Amazing colours and designs

People are sometimes surprised to discover that not all hearses are black. In fact, some can be eye-catchingly colourful, like this amazing leopard-print hearse.

Leopard print hearse

3. Conventional vehicles (including your own!)

For some people, it’s important to have a vehicle that doesn’t look like it belongs at a funeral. In this case, an estate car or van could be a good choice.

Keep in mind that you’re also free to use your own vehicle, though do make sure the dimensions will work. We always recommend measuring the vehicle and coffin and, if possible, testing that everything fits before the funeral.

4. Horses

Not only are horses a striking and dignified presence, they’re also a brilliant eco-friendly option. As an additional benefit, many people find the presence of animals comforting at times of stress or difficulty.

Horse and carriage at funeral

5. Motorcycle sidecar

A motorcycle sidecar can be a wonderful way to make a funeral feel especially personal for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Motorcycle and sidecar hearse

6. Camper-van

For someone who loved the open road or spending time in the countryside, a classic VW Camper-van could be the perfect option for their final journey.

VW campervan hearse

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