Passionate about people? Come and work with us

Passionate about people? Come and work with us

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At Poppy’s, nothing matters more than our people. Only by nurturing and developing our own excellent people can we continue to provide the best possible death care when our clients need us most.

That’s why, when our People Manager Vicki goes on maternity leave this summer, we’re looking for a progressive people lead. Someone who can take us even further during the next year, when our attention focuses on diversity and inclusion, and on learning and development.

This is not just any year, it’s a time of exciting change and growth for Poppy’s. If this sounds inspiring, we hope you’ll want to be part of it.

We spoke to Vicki about what this job involves, what drew her to Poppy’s and what exciting projects are on the horizon for the next twelve months.

What drew you to work at Poppy’s? Do you have a background in the funeral sector?

No, I don’t. My Dad had recently died when I saw the opportunity at Poppy’s and strongly felt Poppy’s reflected my values. It made me realise the importance of the death care sector.

The branding was soft and beautiful and it reflected what I’d want to see. The female-led, entrepreneurial nature of Poppy’s — so clearly changing a traditional sector to be modern — was exciting.

I was drawn to the opportunity to put my own stamp on things and to make a real difference. And I’ve been given tons of autonomy since I arrived to make things come to life. It’s so refreshing that everyone here comes from different backgrounds, and brings different skills and experiences to the team. It doesn’t matter where you’ve worked before.

What does the People Manager actually do?

There’s huge variety within the role. For me, this has included implementing new systems, organising our first awayday since the pandemic, creating a People Handbook reflective of the tone and culture at Poppy’s, recruiting amazing people and nurturing the great talent we already have. For you, it might be totally different, depending on your strengths and the vision for developing the team at Poppy’s.

It’s all about structuring, nurturing and developing the culture we’re building at Poppy’s. We want to attract the best, most authentic people and we want them to have a great experience working with us.

What’s the culture like at Poppy’s?

It’s hard to distill into a few words! We support and encourage each other and the Poppy’s values — of being open, flexible, responsible and human — are a part of our everyday working life. Everyone is so passionate about delivering great death care and wants the very best for our clients.

What’s coming up over the next year at Poppy’s?

It’s a really exciting time, with lots of opportunities for you to shape culture, systems and ways of working that will have a long-term impact. We launched our new three-year strategy in April, and people are right at the centre.

Over the next year, you’ll have the chance to focus on three key areas:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: ensuring we attract and nurture a team that reflects the diverse community we work in, where everyone feels valued and included.
  • Learning and Development: making sure the team have meaningful opportunities to grow and develop in their roles.
  • B Corp accreditation: becoming more socially and environmentally conscious about how we do business. The B Corp framework has been really helpful in giving guiding principles and inspiration to work which is already part of who we are.

You don’t have to be an expert in everything! You’ll be able to bring in specialists to help get projects off the ground or to advise on the best route to take. We hope you’ll bring your experience, skills and enthusiasm to take us to the next level, and that you’ll enjoy working here as much as I have.

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