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It may appear a mysterious time to launch a new brand. I’ve certainly woken in the night to question why we would do this now, in the middle of a global crisis, when the team is dispersed and our work is so challenging.

But perhaps this is exactly why. More than anything, the experiences of the last few months have solidified our deep confidence in our approach. It’s intensified our sense that thoughtful, gentle death care is important no matter what the circumstances - that it is possible for everyone and should be available to everyone. I have never been clearer about the importance of our work.

And we haven’t come up with this new brand overnight - it has been slow cooking for a while now. Perhaps three years ago we started to feel the Poppy’s brand needed a rethink. The company I launched in 2012 from a laptop in my bedroom had grown into a confident team of over twenty experts in our field. We needed to communicate that professionalism and responsibility, as well as our compassion for our clients, and commitment to flexibility and choice.

Most importantly, we wanted a brand that would showcase the deep humanity at the centre of our work. Everything that is best about Poppy’s comes from the people - our clients, our team and the people we work alongside to care for our living and dead clients. Yes, beautiful coffins and hearses are important, and choice and quality matter hugely to us, but access to these essential objects and services works best when it comes from a confident, professional, compassionate guide who listens to you, will advocate for you and support you in your choices.

We made contact with Lovers, a group of creative strategists and designers who would become our partners for the project on a recommendation and they proved to be so much more than we hoped for. They spent time getting to know us to learn about our approach and understand what makes us special. They helped commission eight stunning illustrations from the artist, Lennard Kok, to distil the most meaningful, moving moments in our work. These illustrations convey so much about the warmth, connection and love we all need to give one another when someone dies – something we’re all missing so much right now. I particularly love the depiction of a group of family and friends coming together to carry a coffin, which feels so distinctly ‘Poppy’s’, and the last embrace saying goodbye to someone who has died.

Lovers also helped us reimagine our website. We wanted something beautiful and clear that would encapsulate our conversational approach and make people feel they’d found the friendly team that would look after them best. We’ve incorporated a collection of moving accounts from clients who have been kind and courageous enough to share their stories with the wider world. We’ve also launched a new blog - Talking Death, which brings excellent, objective, reassuring information from the frontlines of death and dying so we can all better understand what happens and what is possible when someone dies. These sections will continue to grow and evolve, so do keep an eye on them for more content in the weeks and months to come.

Launching this new identity is not at all how I imagined it would be. It is not like putting on a shiny new coat. It’s not a party or a statement. It is more like stepping out of the shade and into the light, with confidence and pride, to be seen for who we really are and to stand up for what we believe in.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on it, so do please fill out the feedback form if you'd like to.

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