We believe it’s time to start a more open conversation about death and what it means to us today. There’s so much room to explore what feels meaningful and what our choices really are. This blog is a place to share new ideas, practical advice, and stories from the frontlines of death and dying.

In Focus

The Competition and Markets Authority has published a groundbreaking report that could transform the funeral sector. Poppy Mardall breaks down the most important changes and what they mean for the future.

Ideas & Guidance

Would you like to be buried with a gravestone that just says ‘Dead’? We’ve put together a list of creative and surprising gravestones from around the world, including a coffee cup on a holy mountain and a mysterious floating head.

In Conversation

Aama Sade Shepnekhi is an all-round brilliant celebrant who officiates at Shamanic and Rastafarian funerals. She shares her thoughts on Rastafarianism, from the deep-rooted politics of language to why some within Rastafari choose not to hold funerals at all.

Ideas & Guidance

Did you know that you’re completely free to choose whichever crematorium you like? While some people believe that you need to use your local crematorium, the choice is really up to you. Here’s our guide on what to consider and some tips on how to begin your search.


Would you choose to be embalmed? There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s certainly worth considering. That’s because roughly half of us will be embalmed, even though there’s no legal or hygienic reason why we should be. Here’s what embalming really involves and why we prefer a natural approach.

In Conversation

Poppy’s funeral director Amy Szott and her mum Joy sat down with a group of close friends and lots of prosecco to talk about funerals. They explain why they wanted to plan Joy’s funeral far in advance and share their advice on how to throw your own funeral planning party.