We believe it’s time to start a more open conversation about death and what it means to us today. There’s so much room to explore what feels meaningful and what our choices really are. This blog is a place to share new ideas, practical advice, and stories from the frontlines of death and dying.

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Ideas & Guidance

Choosing the right floral arrangement for a funeral can feel overwhelming, especially if you barely know your daffodils from your dahlias. Here are our top ten ideas to inspire you, from choosing eco-friendly living flowers to raiding your very own vegetable patch.

Ideas & Guidance

Humans aren’t the only species to have death rituals. In fact, they happen all across the animal kingdom. Here are five of the most fascinating examples, from mother giraffes to clever crows.

In Conversation

Freddie Young reflects on more than fifty years working at Lambeth’s cemeteries and crematoria, the impact of the job on his life and the questions he gets asked about his work.

In Focus

Client Support Advisor, Sarah Bax, is leading Poppy’s effort to become an accredited B Corp. Here, she explains what’s inspired us to take this step, the difference it’s already making to how we do business — and what being a B Corp actually means.


You’ve probably seen ads for pre-paid funeral plans everywhere from the telly to the Tube. But these plans aren’t always what they seem. Pre-paid funeral plans can seem like a reassuring solution — simply pay into a plan and everything will be taken care of after you die. But the reality can be more complicated and, unfortunately, not what many of us might expect. Here’s a rundown of what can go wrong and how to avoid being exploited.

Ideas & Guidance

While black hearses are traditionally associated with funerals, they will not be to everyone’s taste. Here are six creative alternatives to traditional black hearses — from campervans to your very own car —which could better reflect the personality or interests of the person who has died.