We believe it’s time to start a more open conversation about death and what it means to us today. There’s so much room to explore what feels meaningful and what our choices really are. This blog is a place to share new ideas, practical advice, and stories from the frontlines of death and dying.

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In Focus

After eight phenomenal years at Poppy’s, our Head of Operations, Isabel Potter is leaving. Poppy reflects on the early days together, Isabel’s legacy and how working with death helps us navigate change and loss.


Next week is Dying Matters Awareness Week and the theme this year is ‘a good place to die’. We’ll be exploring this theme in a special panel event on Thursday 13 May at 7pm. In this blog, we ask our speakers and other friends to share their thoughts about what being in a good place to die means to them, professionally, personally and practically.

In Conversation

In her role as Consultant in Palliative Care at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Ruth Ting creates safe spaces for her patients to talk about life and death. In this blog, she explains what a palliative care doctor does, what she has learnt from her patients and debunks some myths about palliative care.

In Conversation

Over half the UK population now identify as having no religion, which means that many people are seeking alternatives to religious funerals.

Ideas & Guidance

Choosing the right floral arrangement for a funeral can feel overwhelming, especially if you barely know your daffodils from your dahlias. Here are our top ten ideas to inspire you, from choosing eco-friendly living flowers to raiding your very own vegetable patch.

Ideas & Guidance

Humans aren’t the only species to have death rituals. In fact, they happen all across the animal kingdom. Here are five of the most fascinating examples, from mother giraffes to clever crows.