“We held the funeral at home."

"When my husband Peter was diagnosed out of the blue, I wanted Peter to be involved in planning his funeral, so that I would know he approved. We didn’t want men in black suits with solemn faces, that was just not our style.

"On Poppy’s website we saw that the farewell could be held anywhere, including your home. An informal farewell surrounded by a small group of family and friends strongly appealed to us both.

"I was able to help bring the coffin into the house, helped by friends, neighbours and Poppy’s staff. The coffin was then covered by a favourite quilt I had made, candles, flowers and photos.

"I asked everyone to write a few lines, a memory of something related to Peter and to stand up and read them out. It felt personal, warm and inclusive."

Sue, Peter's wife

Peter's Choices

  • We chose to hold the service at home
  • We invited a small group of family and friends
  • Friends and neighbours helped to carry the coffin
  • The coffin was covered by a favourite quilt and things we loved
  • Everyone shared a memory of Peter
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