Donald and Margaret's Story

Donald and Margaret story

Our parents Donald and Margaret were characters. Dad, in the prime of his performing life on the West End Stage, commanded the stage in his role as Old Deuteronomy the big daddy cat. Mum also took to the West End Stage, and it was lovely to hear that when both Mum and Dad were performing at the same time they would meet up for tea or lunch. They were both very special to Lizzie and I. Our Dad’s love of cinema, Disney, his little room which he had turned into a magnificent home cinema, and Mum’s love of life all helped fashion both Lizzie and I into the successful people we are today.

“Our parents Donald and Margaret were characters"

For me, the most important part of planning and the actual day of the funeral was that all the practical things were dealt with in a very straightforward and compassionate way. There was no pomp and circumstance and dirge that I feel you would get from some of the shall we say ‘black suited’ offerings out there. The casual but, in the same breath, formal way that Poppy’s Funerals run things make for a much more modern and ‘in tune with the world’ experience.

My clearest memory is that we were able to help with all things: helping your staff to remove my mother’s body from the care home, carrying both coffins for both funerals, and having wonderful services that were unique for both parents. The little details that were most important to us were the options on coffins to suit both Mum and Dad and the way that your staff were so attentive before and, on the day, respectful and professional. I think that our parents were smiling down on us, knowing that we had done the best we could to celebrate their lives and had given them a cracking send off!

If I could give someone a piece of advice about organising a funeral it would be to keep it personal. Poppy’s major in their ability to do that for the grieving friend or relative.

Donald and Margaret's Choices

  • We chose to really get involved
  • We chose funerals that felt personal
  • We helped collect our mum from the care home
  • We chose to carry the coffins at both funerals
  • We held unique services for both parents
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