We’re here
to help
and guide

Making lots of choices can be stressful so a big part of our role is helping people navigate the various decisions they have to make. We're very transparent about what things cost, and can work to any budget.

We listen to you

We always start with a conversation and from there our role is flexible, working around your wants and needs. We will always be open, honest and committed to you.

We collect the person who has died

Our carefully trained, professional teams collect the person who has died and look after them in our mortuary. You're absolutely welcome to spend time here with the person whilst we look after them.

We take a gentle, thoughtful approach

For most of our clients this means natural care with no unnecessary invasive procedures. We give you information and choices so that you can make the decisions that are right for you.

We guide your choices

We'll sit with you and help you decide on the various options available in terms of venue, transport and everything else that is meaningful to you. Our job is to support, inform and explain rather than prescribe or push.

We organise everything

We coordinate all of the administration and paperwork carefully, making things as simple for you as possible. We also make arrangements for the funeral itself, coordinating the different parts and people involved.

We help on the day

We're with you on the day, making sure everything happens in the way you've planned. This is different for everyone and our flexibility is an important part of the service we want to provide.

Costing Our Support

Our Full, Flexible Support

Most of our clients choose to enlist our full, bespoke support, seeking our help and guidance throughout the process from the very first call, to the day of the funeral and beyond. If you have an instinct to take on some of the practicalities yourself and just want a little help, do give us a call so we can talk through your plans and how we can help.

The price does not include funeral choices such as the coffin and hearse. Nor does it include doctors' fees or cremation or burial costs.

£1,850 + your needs and choices
Simple Cremation

A Simple Cremation is a cremation with no ceremony attached, but involves the same gentle, thoughtful care and attention from our team. We choose the crematorium, date, and use an early morning booking.

The price includes everything you need, including a simple coffin and hearse, doctors' and cremation fees.

£1,868 (fixed cost)

We take full payment in advance of the funeral. There are lots of ways to make payment and we will talk through the right options for you.

Costing Your Choices

Separate from our support, there are a number of choices you'll need to make. These choices are an opportunity to add personality and meaning to a funeral; ranging from the coffin and venue, to flowers and musicians. We’ve listed a snapshot of some of these below, to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Key Elements
Full Price List

We’re open today until 5pm

We're here to help you decide which options could suit you best. Our usual working hours are 9am–5pm Monday to Friday, but you can still reach our urgent collections team outside those hours by calling us and following the instructions on our answerphone system.

Talking Death

How to Do More Yourself While Planning a Funeral

There are so many different ways to get involved in planning a funeral and make the whole experience feel more personal. Here’s our guide to doing more on your own, whether than means carrying the coffin or designing the entire funeral from scratch.

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