Where can I find information on what I need to do when someone dies?

The government has a good ‘What to do after a Death’ checklist.

Are there other resources where I can get more information on the choices available to me when I die?

The Natural Death Centre provides independent advice on funerals. You can visit their website or call the helpline on 01962 712 690.

The Good Funeral Guide is an excellent, objective resource. You’ll find lots of information on the website or in the book.

Are there services to help with bereavement?

Cruse Bereavement Care provides telephone and face-to-face support. You can talk to a trained volunteer by calling the helpline on 0844 477 9400 between 9.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

What can I do with the ashes?

The choices are endless. The Scattering Ashes website is fit to bursting with information and ideas and sells a wide variety of urns.

What does the law say about scattering ashes?

Ashes can be scattered anywhere with the landowner’s permission. This article on the BBC News website provides some good information and ideas.