An Update on Supporting You During COVID-19


This is a challenging time for lots of people and we’re working hard to keep our clients, team and community safe. We’re putting new hygiene measures in place and our priority is still the thoughtful, gentle care of people who have died.

Keep an eye on our social media channels as we’ll be posting updates on any changes to our services. We are also making contingency plans, so you’ll get the same high level of care, support and guidance.


Our aims during Covid-19

We know this is an especially difficult situation for families who are planning a funeral. Our aim is to be responsible citizens, limiting transmission of the virus, while supporting you with as little disruption to our services as possible.

To help make sure this happens, while keeping you safe, we’ve moved all our client meetings online. We have Zoom, a top notch video conferencing software, or we can speak over the phone. No matter how things change, we’re committed to keeping you informed and answering any questions you may have.


How we’re working to support you

We’re here to support you, so you can still plan a meaningful funeral. For now, most funerals are going ahead as planned, though with fewer people at the ceremony. We’re exploring options for the future if anything changes.

We can guide you through different possibilities now that large gatherings have been restricted. There are crematoria that provide webcast services, and we’re here to help with all the details. We can also connect you with ministers and celebrants who support flexible rituals which take place at home or in our Friends and Family Room. It’s also absolutely possible to plan memorials at a later date.

In most cases, you can still come and visit the person who has died at our beautiful mortuary. Unfortunately, we’ve had to pause family visits where someone has died of Covid-19. This is due to a shortage of PPE, but we are doing everything we can to source more.

This was an incredibly difficult decision, which we made to protect your safety and that of our team. We are actively working to resume family visits where someone has died of Covid-19 as soon as possible. For now, we can use video conferencing software so you can still say goodbye.


What happens next?

Because circumstances are changing quickly, we’re responding to the situation day by day, and putting plans in place for the future. While this is an unusual time, our values of openness, honesty and responsibility remain exactly the same. We’ll provide thoughtful care and are here to stand alongside you and offer all our support.

Please do give us a call on 020 3589 4726 if you have any questions and want to talk.

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