Do I have to use a local funeral director?

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When choosing a funeral director, many people look no further than their local high street, or opt for the funeral director that their family has always used.

However, the rise in internet searches and reviews means that more people are looking further afield to find the right fit for them.

Although Poppy’s is based in south London, we consider the whole of Greater London as our local area — and we arrange funerals outside the capital too.

In this blog, we answer three common questions about using a local funeral director.

Does it cost more to use a funeral director who is not in my local area?

It depends. We can’t speak for other funeral directors but, at Poppy's, there is no extra cost for any funeral that takes place inside the M25.

We love going further afield, but will always be upfront about how much extra this will cost. We calculate costs from the edge of the M25, where we would exit, to the end point.

Sometimes we partner with another funeral director to bring down the cost. For example, if you are far from London, it might be cheaper for a local funeral director to bring your person to Poppy’s, but we could still plan and arrange the funeral with you.

The most important thing is to find a funeral director who is able to be flexible based on what you need and is transparent about any extra costs.

Would a funeral director from outside my local area have the same knowledge about local cemeteries, crematoria and suppliers as a local one?

It's possible that a local funeral director will be more familiar with their local crematoria, cemeteries and suppliers than someone from further afield.

However, we always do our research before going anywhere new and we are used to travelling to all sorts of different places. It's unlikely that a funeral director being familiar with local crematoria, cemeteries or suppliers will make a difference to your experience.

The main reason that we travel out of London for the funeral itself is because clients have a place they have in mind which has sentimental value for them or offers something unique that they can't find locally.

It can also be because they want a natural burial — there are no natural burial grounds within the M25.

We’ve arranged funerals in the South Downs, Norfolk, the Isle of Wight, Wales, Yorkshire and many other beautiful places.

We find that many people choose natural burial grounds as places of beauty and tranquillity. For example, we have helped with many funerals at a gorgeous place in the South Downs. There are Bronze Age burial sites nearby — so people have been buried there for thousands of years. That sense of history really resonates for some people.

“We've been to Yorkshire to a beautiful, intimate burial ground. It was a meaningful place for the family and the views were gorgeous — something you can't get in London.”

Would I have to wait longer for a non-local funeral director to collect my person, and would I still be able to visit them?

It all depends on how quickly you need or would like your person to be collected. If you need an urgent collection, you can use a local funeral director and we can collect your person from them later to care for in our mortuary.

As for visiting, you do need to think carefully if you live a long way from your chosen funeral director and you want to visit your person regularly.

We are very open to creating a funeral that works for you, so if you want to use Poppy’s, but live a long way away from us, do get in touch. We can discuss your needs and offer suggestions to help overcome any issues.

You should be able to discuss what matters to you with any funeral director. They can use their experience to help you to come up with a solution together.

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