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Have you ever considered choosing a natural burial ground? Natural burial grounds gently return people to the earth without using embalming or non-biodegradable coffins. They’re usually found in green spaces like forests, meadows or parkland.

Natural burial grounds can be absolutely stunning and are a brilliant choice if you’re planning an environmentally-friendly funeral. There are so many wonderful options to choose from, but here are some of our favourites.

South Downs Natural Burial Ground

South Downs natural burial ground

South Downs Natural Burial Ground is a beautifully cared for native woodland. It was once a beech and conifer plantation, but has been restocked with trees and shrubs that are native to the South Downs.

The trees are coppiced to encourage biodiversity and provide a home for wildlife like badgers, owls and stoats. No headstones or grave-markings are used, but families can plant native wildflowers to remember the person who has died.

Clayton Wood

Clayton Wood natural burial ground

Clayton Wood natural burial ground is located in a peaceful area of West Sussex. Surrounded by natural beauty, they work with the Wildlife Trust to maintain a sustainable native woodland.

Clayton Wood focuses on creating homes for wildlife, from birds to pondlife to bats. While they don’t use traditional headstones, you can choose to mark a grave with a simple wooden plaque.

Norfolk Bluebell Wood

Norfolk Bluebell Wood

Norfolk Bluebell Wood burial park is made up of a newly planted woodland, wildflower meadow, and a centuries old bluebell woodland. While the entire park is beautiful, it’s crowning glory is the gorgeous bluebells which appear every spring.

The park is also home to abundant wildlife and hundreds of native tree species. You can mark a gravesite with an oak post, plaque, York Stone, or simply sponsor a bird or bat box.

Chiltern Greenacres

Chiltern Greenacres natural burial site

Chiltern is one of several parks belonging to GreenAcres. The 72 acres of tranquil woodland are home to wildflowers and wildlife, including over 50 different species of birds. Chiltern is especially beautiful in the spring when bluebells grow in the woods.

You can choose between a wooden memorial post, plaque or a living memorial providing a home for birds, bats, wildlife or even bees.

Clandon Wood

natural burial grounds | eco funerals | green funerals

Located in Surrey, lovely Clandon Wood has 32 acres of wildflower meadows, lakes, wetland and woods. The biodiversity encourages diverse wildlife and bird species, from kestrels to hedgehogs.

Clandon Wood even keeps a record of different flora and fauna sightings. You can choose from a list of designated memorials, and plant wildflowers that help support a wide range of insects, moths and butterflies.

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