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‘A to B’ is a simple, transport-only service anywhere in Greater London. It’s ideal for families who want to organise the funeral without a funeral director, but who could do with a little help with the body on the day.


Some families have an instinct to hold a funeral without employing a funeral director. This can be a truly empowering experience for family and friends. If you would like to run the funeral yourselves and take responsibility for all paperwork and logistics, but you feel you’d like some help with the handling and transport of the body, we can help.

Poppy’s ‘A to B’ includes two members of our team to collect the person who has died on the day of the funeral, lift them into the coffin, and bring them to the funeral in one of our simple hearse-style vehicles. At this point, we will leave you to carry the coffin and to run the funeral yourselves.


London is the most expensive place to die in the UK. SunLife’s Cost of Dying Report shows the average cost of dying in the UK in 2014 was £8,427 (including administration of the estate), with many of the contributing costs coming from unnecessary funeral accessories.

Choosing Poppy’s ‘A to B’ means you can create a truly meaningful ceremony without spending money on funeral accessories you don’t want or need.


For A to B to work for you, you must have:

  • agreed with the crematorium/burial ground you will be taking responsibility for the funeral in the absence of a funeral director.
  • completed and filed all relevant paperwork in good time.
  • found a solution for keeping the body cool and cared for between the date of death and the funeral. More info If the person died in a hospital or hospice with a mortuary, they may be willing to keep the body for this time, but you must check with them. If the person died in a nursing home, this may not be possible. If the person died at home, you are within your rights to keep the body cool and cared for there. If you’d like to do this, you can find great information in the Natural Death Handbook.
  • provided us with the relevant ‘release’ document allowing us to collect the body on your behalf.
  • supplied us with accurate measurements for the body so we can ensure the coffin is the right size.
  • checked mortuary opening hours allow us enough time to collect the body for your chosen funeral start time.

Collection and care of the body

We will collect the person who has died on the day of the funeral. They will be carefully lifted into the coffin and driven to the funeral. If you would like us to clean and dress the person who has died, you must check with the place of death that there is time and space for us to do this.



When we arrive at the funeral, you will take charge of the body, including carrying the coffin into the funeral, and we will leave you to run the funeral yourselves.

The cost of A to B is:

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This includes:

If at any point you think you might need more help from us, just let us know.

Coffins & optional extras

From stunning willow coffins to vintage silver hearses, we have a great range of choices and optional extras you can choose from.

Coffins Optional extras

Collection of the body out of hours: Our standard collection hours are 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. If collection of the body is urgent and required out of hours (weekends, bank holidays or between 3pm and 9am Monday to Friday), an additional charge of £235 will apply.

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You can pay by debit or credit card, direct bank transfer or cash. We take payment upfront when we come to meet you

Please call 020 3589 4726 or send us a message directly for more details.